In 2018 Luna Press, a publisher from Scotland, had a Call for Articles about ‘The Evolution of Evil in Fantasy & Science Fiction’. The two previous Calls turned into volumes that got nominated and won the British Science Fiction Award.

Read more about the current state of the book and the release party in Dublin.

I have the great honor to be part of this project with my article

From Light to Dark.
Using Gothic Styles to Visualise Evil in Architecture

To give you an idea what topics and examples I am covering, here the abstract:

There are different reasons, strategies and forms for how the Gothic style, as a broad definition, is used within Fantasy storytelling.
This article will discuss representations of the Gothic within the visual modern Fantastic to visualise and characterise evil settings from an art-historical point of view.
Using examples from a variety of media, the primary focus will be the connection between the architectural style begun during the Middle Ages in Europe and the ensuing views of the style by Romanticism and Historicism as well as its in-fluences on the imagery of modern Fantasy and Science Fiction.
Furthermore, strategies behind the presentation of the architectural elements will be discussed. The examples to be discussed were chosen with the criteria of being built by an evil force or villain or to create an ‘atmosphere of evil’.
The other main consideration was that the architectural settings should feature obvious Gothic style motifs with a connection to an evil force.

There are two ways to get the book: Order it in the Luna Press Shop or become a patron of Art History Fantastics with the tier ‘Fantastic & Analog’ and get a free copy with personal dedication.